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  • Most women can wear average-sized wigs
  • Human hair wigs are normally of average size
  • Virtually all wigs use adjustment tabs or special straps

Medical Wigs for Hair Loss in the UK

At Fine Hair Designs, we understand that there are many reasons you may need a wig. Whether it be a fashion choice or for medical reasons, we have many wigs and hairpieces available to anyone throughout the UK. If you have any questions about our medical wigs, hairpieces, children’s wigs or anything else, please check our FAQ below or give us a call.

We’re always happy to give our expert advice and offer more information about any of our medical wigs, hairpieces and more.

A: Wig Sizes

Most women can wear average-sized wigs Human hair wigs are normally of average size<, Virtually all wigs useVelcro adjustment tabs or special straps

  • Most women can wear average-sized wigs
  • Human hair wigs are normally of average size<
  • Virtually all wigs use Velcro adjustment tabs or special straps
  • A children’s wig fits head size from 31.75 to 51cm (18.5 to 20)
  • A petite wig fits a head size from 51cm to 54cm (20 to 21.25)
  • A average wig fits head size from 54cm to 57cm (21.25 to 22.5)
  • A large wig fits a head size from 57cm to 60cm (22 to 24)

A: How to measure your head.jpg

To measure your head size, use a cloth tape measure. It is easier if you have someone to help you. Pull hair away from the hairline before starting. Measure from your front hairline, or if you have no hair, measure from where it would be, just above your ears and around the nape of your neck. Please see the picture above.

Human hair wigs consist entirely of human hair. Before it is made into a wig the hair is cleansed, treated chemically, and coloured. A human hair wig needs the same care as coloured human hair. It needs; more care after each shampooing than an acrylic wig does. After each shampooing a human hair wig has to be blow-dried and styled. Most human hair wig need to be cut and styled before wearing.

Acrylic wigs, like clothing fabric, are made from fibres. Two kinds of acrylic wig fibre are used in acrylic wigs: modacrylic and kanekalon. Both consist of tubes filled with colour. Acrylic wigs look very like human hair ones, especially after being styled to suit individual clients. An acrylic wig recovers its shape after washing and conditioning; It is very easy for a client, including one who might be feeling unwell, to care for.

Human hair wigs generally cost more than acrylic ones. However, they are more durable and longer-lasting. They are also more versatile, meaning that they can be straightened, curled, and coloured (this means that they can be darkened, it is not advisable to lighten. Whereas, it is not possible to use any kind of heat on acrylic hair, unless the manufacturer specifically says that heat can be used. It is easier to style acrylic hair wigs, and also easier to maintain them.

The main advantages of human hair wigs are:

  • heated appliances can be used on them
  • they can be coloured, but it is not advisable to lighten; they should only be darkened
  • they are soft to the touch
  • their styles can be changed
  • there is no frizzing, no small unwanted curls and untidy appearance of the hair-ends that can occur with some acrylic wigs
  • good quality hair products can be used however all brands provide human hair products

The main disadvantages of human hair wigs are:

  • their colours fade over time due to exposure to sunlight
  • as the hair is often porous, they take longer to dry and are harder to style
  • there are fewer styles and colours to choose from compared to acrylic wigs
  • Remy human hair and European hair are more expensive than synthetic

The main advantages of acrylic wigs are:

  • their colours are very stable and slow to fade
  • they do not need blow-drying or setting, and should never have; blow-dryers, straighteners or curling tongs used on them, unless the manufacturer specifically says that heat can be used.
  • they are easy to manage
  • very many colours are available
  • a wide price range to choose from

The main disadvantages of acrylic wigs are:

  • friction rub, which, over time, causes frizziness
  • they cannot be coloured
  • artificial heat must never be used on them, unless the manufacturer specifically says that heat can be used.

As there are many different types of cap and they vary from brand to brand, there are too many to detail here.  However this information can be found in each product where there is a section where the all wig caps for that particular collection are explained

Some of our customers prefer that their purchases are despatched in discreet packaging. To ensure complete confidentiality we do not advertise our business on any of our despatches.

How long your wig or hairpiece lasts for depends on how often you wear it, how you treat it, the environment in which you live, and the types of maintenance product that you use. Acrylic wigs, in particular, need specially formulated products. Normal hairspray and non-fibre cleansing products should not be used on them. They should be washed in cold or tepid water, heat must not be applied to them, and they must always be conditioned after washing. No wig or hairpiece should ever be handled roughly.

Every wig when dispatched comes with the manufacturer’s care instructions.

To maintain the style and freshness of your wig or hairpiece, use a plastic or wire wig stand.

When you store it keep it somewhere clean and free from dust, heat and excessive humidity.

Use a folding (collapsible) wig stand or a polystyrene head to put your wig on, to help it keep its shape and, if required, for styling it

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