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B.B. Belinda Wig Liner Christine Collection


Belinda is a comfortable and practical wigliner with Christine’s 37.5 Technology, which leaves even the most sensitive of scalps feeling cool and refreshed underneath your choice of wig or headwear.

Balm “Ellen Wille synthetic” 200ml


Balm “Ellen Wille synthetic” (200ml) is specially formulated for the care and protection of synthetic wigs, hairpieces, and toupees. This conditioner should be rinsed out and is most effective when used with Ellen Wille shampoo for synthetic hair.

Care Pack Fibre Wigs Ellen Wille


The Ellen Wille Care Set for your synthetic hair style offers optimal care. By using these 3 products you will be able to gently clean, moisturise and condition the fibre.

Christine Soft Lift Hat Christine Collection


The Christine Soft lIne Hat is revolutionary in its design and it provides a perfect fit and lift under your wigs and headwear. A small hat that promises to make a big difference; it gently lifts and adds a fine, natural volume to the back of the head.

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Mono Tape 25 Metre Roll


This is a 25 metre roll of transparent, strong grip double-sided adhesive tape. Guaranteed Hypoallergenic.

Nouli Wig Liner Christine Collection


Nouli is a wig liner from the Christine Headwear collection.  It is designed to enhance comfort. It does this by using 2 of natures most gentle elements; bamboo viscose and Aloe Vera which are highly beneficial in protecting sensitive skin.