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Alexis wig is styled by Ellen Wille’s Hairpower collection with a classic soft wave to always look elegant and chic.

The Model is wearing colour Auburn Mix
This style is available in 7 colours

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The Model is wearing colour Auburn Mix
This style is available in 7 colours

Alexis wig is styled by Ellen Wille's Hairpower collection with a classic soft wave to always look elegant and chic. The Alexis wig has a wefted cap for comfort and breathability whilst also having a mono crown are for a natural looking crown

  • The model is wearing colour Auburn Mix
  • Cap: wefted with mono crown
  • Cap size: average 54 - 57 cm
  • Type: synthetic fibre
  • Brand: Ellen Wille Wigs
  • Collection: Hairpower
  • Hairpower Colours Explained

    The colour range available in Ellen Wille’ Hairpower collection is, as in all aspects of their products, exceptional. They have created on trend colours which enhance the styles by giving the appearance of movement, along with the fashionable options of rooted, high or low lighted colours giving a feast of choices.

  • Mix — Fashionable colour blend with high/lowlights
  • Rooted — naturally rooted colours
  • Dark — Darker variety of base colour
  • Light — Lighter variety of base colour
  • Hot — More vivid variety of base colour
  • Hairpower Caps

    Ellen Wille’s Hairpower collection has 6 types of caps, which may also have a lace front and a variety of combinations of features such as lace front with wefted cap, monofilament top with 100% handmade. The beauty of all these types of caps is that they give a choice of styling options as well as more opportunity to find a comfortable fit. Comfort is vital, from this range you will be able to find a style that works for you. Please use our search function to look at the styles with the following caps

  • Wefted — Hair is sewn by machine onto wefts, which are in turn attached to fine cotton tapes. The weft adapts to the shape of the head giving a good fit. Wefted wigs are easy to style and allow the air to circulate around the head
  • Mono Crown — This type of cap features a small monofilament area at the crown, this where each hair is sewn individually into the monofilament area. Depending on the style this crown area will be placed differently to create the look of natural hair grown. The rest of the cap wefted please see explanation above.
  • Mono Parting – Is a section of monofilament mesh (usually left side) used to create a natural looking parting in the hair
  • Monofilament and wefted — A monofilament area which covers the top of the head with wefted sides and back. Each hair is hand sewn in the monofilament area. The fine mesh gives the appearance of a natural scalp and also allows additional styling options
  • 100% Handmade — The hair is hand-weaved with intricate craftsmanship into a fine elastic tulle, providing an incredibly light and comfortable style which is ideal for those of us with sensitive scalps
  • Monofilament + 100% Handmade — The finest in hand-crafted luxury! 100% handmade wigs offer the maximum naturalness. Each and every single hair on the top is individually inserted through a monofilament mesh. The rest of the hair is weaved on fine tulle.
  • All of the above caps may come with one of the following types of lace front. A lace front means that the hair/fibre is sewn by hand into a lace area at the front of the wig to give a realistic hairline.

  • lace front — standard lace front approx. 2.5cm
  • extended lace front — approx.3.5cm
  • mini lace front — 1cm may not extend across the whole front hairline
  • soft lace front — specially designed for sensitive skin
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