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Asha Turban Masumi Headwear


Asha Turban is is made from the softest most elegant cotton and the long tail of this design makes it an incredibly versatile design allows you to make a bow, flower or a crown and there is no end to the possible styles you can create.

Bamboo Turban NJ Creations


Bamboo turban is made by NJ Creations. They have used an innovative fabric to create a versatile style. With delicate pleats it can be ‘dressed up’ with a scarf  or clip on earrings for some extra bling as well as being able to be easily worn under a straw hat or similar.

A choice of X colours is available.

Brooklyn Turban Masumi Headwear


Brooklyn is a fresh and fun style perfect for a fast-paced lifestyle. The trendy, city pattern gives a youthful impression and the monochrome design gives the hat a timeless feel.

A choice of 3 colours is available.

Christine Soft Lift Hat Christine Collection


The Christine Soft lIne Hat is revolutionary in its design and it provides a perfect fit and lift under your wigs and headwear. A small hat that promises to make a big difference; it gently lifts and adds a fine, natural volume to the back of the head.

Edith V Turban Viva Headwear


Edith V Turban Viva Headwear provides value for money and effortless style for everydaylife and wardrobe. Material 93% cotton 7% Elastane The model is wearing colour 0385 Navy Blue.

Iris Turban Masumi Headwear


Iris hat has unique stitching in the front of the wrap attached to the hat this creates an eye-catching pattern which blends seamlessly with the design itself.

Laura – V Turban Viva Headwear


Laura Turban Viva Headwear provides value for money and effortless style for everyday life and wardrobe. Material 47.5% cotton 47.5% Viscose 5% Spandex.

The model is wearing colour 0552 Raisin